Chairman Zhang Chaodong Is Invited to Amend the Trademark Law

  Invited by China Trademark Association, chairman Zhang Chaodong of Dorunto Co., Ltd attended a seminar in Beijing on March 24, 2010, having discussed the amendment draft of the Trademark Law. Meanwhile, renowned enterprises in the field such as CCPIT Patent and Trademark Law Office and China Patent Agent (H.K.) Ltd. were present as well.

  Acting as a senior lawyer in the law field and expert in the sector of intellectual property, chairman Zhang made a statement in the seminar. He pointed out that the amendment to the Trademark Law is a manifestation of China's economic development on the protection of trademarks and brands, and the overall ideology is to combat against law violation and infringement, protect legal rights and interests of trademark owners and improve government management efficiency, so as to provide a better legal environment for the building of enterprise brand in China. In the meantime, the amendment also indicates that there is no future for the enterprises without trademarks or companies relying on infringement of others trademark rights.

  Experts in the seminar have reached consensus that the amendment to the Trademark Law needs to cover 5 aspects as follows:

  1. increaing the protection of exclusive right to use a trademark;

  2. intensifying the fight against infringement actions;

  3. adding the variety of trademarks, simplifying the procedure of reception and speeding up the efficiency of examination and approval;

  4. strengthening the management of agencies, preparing to introduce Regulations on the Administration of Trademark Agents to regulate behaviors of agents and agencies, and banning the agencies that infringe the interests of the clients;

  5. reinforcing protection and management of trademarks of geographical indicators.

  Chairman Zhang indicated that the implementation of intellectual property strategy in China as well as understanding and requirement of trademarks and brands among the whole society would befurther strengthened, and that there is an increasingly diversified demand and a growing investment tendency between enterprises over thesafeguard of legal rights, assignment and dispute protection, which is inevitable for social development and presents a big chance for industrial development.

  We face both opportunities and challenges. The competitive environment is growing intensified while the market becomes tolerant. Every colleague in Dorunto Co., Ltd must pay attention to the building of individual brand and reputation, and the improvement of quality of service and professional quality, since it is the only way for Dorunto Co., Ltd to emerge as the leader of the sector and the top brand in service industry!

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