Dorunto Trademerk was Identified as the Famous Trademark of Beijing Source: According to the regulations of “Beijing Municipal People's Government on the Views of Further Implementation of Trademark Strategy to Promote the Development of the Capital Brand Economy” (Document No.11 (2013) issued by the Beijing Municipal People's Government) and "the Identification and Protection Measures for the Famous Trademark of Beijing”, Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce in collaboration with relevant departments carefully examined the application materials of Dorunto and collected broad comments from relevant departments and the industry associations and experts, and then identified Dorunto trademark as the “the Famous Trademark of Beijing in the year of 2014”.
Congratulations on Dorunto Co., Ltd Being Elected the Vice President Unit of China Trademark Associa Source: On October 16, 2015, elites in the intellectual property field around the world gathered in Haikou, where the grand event “2015 China Trademark Festival” hosted by China Trademark Association and People's Government of Haikou Municipal raised its curtain. China Trademark Association held “the fifth meeting of the Third Council” as usual, and the meeting adopted the resolution to add Beijing Dorunto Intellectual Property Services Limited as the vice president unit.
Dorunto was Named the "2015 China Trademark Association Outstanding Agency’s Members" Source: After the selection of the selection committee of "2015 China Trademark Association Outstanding Agency’s Members", 60 Trademark Agency’s Members were honored the "2015 China Trademark Association Outstanding Agency’s Members", hereby being in publicity for a period of September 30 to October 3, 2015 with the list as follows:
Dorunto Kunming Branch Was Invited to Carry out Trademark Strategy Training in the District Business Source: The theme of this year’s national IPR Publicity Week is "constructing the powerful country of intellectual property and supporting the innovation-driven development". On April 24, to support the enterprise innovation and welcome the 15th 4•26 World Intellectual Property Day, Wuhua District Business Bureau of Kunming city invited Dorunto Kunming Branch which won the municipal trademark strategy implementation advanced agency three years in a row to carry out the trademark strategy and intellectual property protection publicity and training for the local enterprises and trademark business staff of other branches.
Chairman Zhang Chaodong Was Invited to Give a Lecture on Legal Knowledge Relating to “Trademark Agen Source: Chairman Zhang Chaodong Was Invited to Give a Lecture on Legal Knowledge Relating to “Trademark Agent Business Training in 2015"
The rapid development of China's economy has led to the rapid rise of the intellectual property service industry. Trademarks, patents are increasingly valued by the state and enterprises. The growing demand for intellectual property services improves the service requirement......
Dorunto Trademark Applications Amount Ranked Top Three Again Source: Recently, the domestic well-known trademark data monitoring agency released the 2014 trademark applications amount ranking, and Beijing Dorunto Intellectual Property Service CO., LTD stood out again and ranked top three in more than 500 participating enterprises with the amount of 13856 applications
Dorunto Participates in Making the National Standard of Brand Value Evaluation Source: Brand building is related to national economic development, enterprise transformation and upgrading, and consumers’ interests. All countries in the world regard creativity, quality, and brand as the important support for economic development, and make use of brand to snatch the commanding heights of economic development.
The Korean Counterparts in Intellectual Property Industry Visited the Headquarter of Dorunto Brand S Source: In the morning of July 24, 2014, Our peer Sunhyok Ri, the vice president of Alilang Patent and Trademark Agency, coming from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, visited the headquarter of Dorunto Brand Service with his partner Songguk Choe......
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