Dorunto Participates in Making the National Standard of Brand Value Evaluation


  Brand building is related to national economic development, enterprise transformation and upgrading, and consumers’ interests. All countries in the world regard creativity, quality, and brand as the important support for economic development, and make use of brand to snatch the commanding heights of economic development.

  There are reports that:

  the brand value of ICBC is 272.160 billion RMB yuan, which is the highest brand value of Chinese enterprises;

  the brand value of Moutai Brewery Group is 86.267 billion RMB yuan, which is the top brand value of Chinese products.

  People can’t help asking: what is the role of brand value evaluation and who establishes the brand value evaluation standard?

  As an important intangible asset, brand has become one of the most potential assets in the subject of market economy, and brand value evaluation has the extremely significance and function. The enterprise can, according to different division state of brands, regions, and consumer groups, make qualitative and quantitative analyses of marketing investment to obtain the enterprise long-term and short-term brand benefit prediction; besides, in terms of investment and financing, potential buyers, investors and bankers increasingly apply brand value evaluation methods to determine whether the specific intangible assets and the price paid are reasonable or not. Also, for the defense acquisition companies, the independent brand value evaluation is needed to convince the outside world, especially the investment banking industry. The brand value evaluation has gradually become an important auxiliary means of brand and business strategy decision.

  In 2012, the State Council issued the “Quality Development Program (2011-2020)”, and in 2014, the State Council issued “Guidance on Accelerating the Development of Producer Services and Promoting the Adjustment and Upgrading of Industrial Structure”. The two documents respectively set forth the requirements of “strengthening brand building and enhancing brand value and effect" and "leading consumption with brand, driving manufacturing, and promoting the formation of brand value evaluation mechanism with Chinese characteristics”. To implement the requirement of the State Council – “establishing the systems of brand building national standard and brand value evaluation”, cooperate with the National Bureau of Quality Inspection to carry out the brand value evaluation work, and guide the enterprises to create famous brand and enhance brand value and effect, National Brand Value and Value Measurement Standardization Technical Committee has been starting establishing the internationally recognized Chinese brand value evaluation system and the national standard rules since 2013.

  The National Brand Value and Value Measurement Standardization Technical Committee organized domestic relevant experts, through years of practice and research and systematic study, recently published the “GB-T 31042-2014 Brand Value — Service Evaluation Requirements” national standard. The national standard specifies the evaluation requirements on service factors affecting brand value in the process of brand value evaluation, including general requirements of the evaluation, evaluation factors, evaluation methods, evaluation procedures, and evaluation reports. Besides, the national standard is applicable to all kinds of service types, and various organizations processing brand construction at different stages, provides the evaluation and improvement basis of service factors for organizations to enhance the brand value, gives clear definition to the service and the responsiveness, reliability, security and traceability of the service, requires to follow the five principles when evaluating, i.e., objectivity, comprehensiveness, being realistic and practical, performability, and continuous improvement, and makes a specific stipulation that “it will not be evaluated when the evaluation object harms the public interest, produces ecological pollution, and causes serious quality safety accidents, etc.”.

  According to the internationally recognized 5 elements of brand evaluation: quality, service, technical innovation, tangible assets and intangible assets, and relying on many years of professional service experience and the leading position in intellectual property service industry, Beijing Dorunto Intellectual Property Service Co., Ltd has become a member of the Brand Value Evaluation National Standard Drafting Working Group and participates in drafting 2 National Standards of “The Service Evaluation Requirements” and “The Intangible Assets Evaluation Requirements” in the brand value evaluation.

  With serious and responsible working attitude, Dorunto works with group members to study the key factors and evaluation methods of the brand evaluation carefully, to write rules and edit the brand evaluation standard of the relevant industries according to the national standard in close combination with the forward theories and mainstream direction of the domestic and foreign brand evaluation, and to actively accelerate the development process of the transformation of Chinese products to Chinese brands.

  The setting of scientific and fair brand value evaluation of national standard will effectively promote the construction of Chinese brands, accelerate the pace of Chinese brand value evaluation in line with international standards, and inject new support force and promotion space for the development of China's economic society and the transformation and upgrading of enterprises.


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