Congratulations on Dorunto Co., Ltd Being Elected the Vice President Unit of China Trademark Associa

  On October 16, 2015, elites in the intellectual property field around the world gathered in Haikou, where the grand event “2015 China Trademark Festival” hosted by China Trademark Association and People's Government of Haikou Municipal raised its curtain. China Trademark Association held “the fifth meeting of the Third Council” as usual, and the meeting adopted the resolution to add Beijing Dorunto Intellectual Property Services Limited as the vice president unit.

  Chairman Zhang Chaodong in China Trademark Association Council


  Chairman Zhang Chaodong Signed in the Integrity Proposal of Trademark Agency


  Organizing the “2015 China Trademark Festival” and Selecting Outstanding Agencies




  The “2015 China Trademark Festival”, jointly hosted by China Trademark Association and People’s Government of Haikou Municipal, with “the implementation of trademark strategy and the development of brand economy” as the theme, carried out activities such as issuing outstanding trademark agency cases from 2014 to 2015, apprising and awarding excellent trademark agencies, and exhibiting trademark culture of member companies,etc.

  Dorunto Co., Ltd was elected the excellent trademark agency in 2015

  After initial evaluation, re-evaluation and publication, the results of 2015 excellent agency selection activities were announced recently. Beijing Dorunto Intellectual Property Service Co., Ltd. won the unanimous approval of the jury for its comprehensive strength and many years of credible service, and was named “Excellent Trademark Agency in 2015”.

  It is known that the elective activity of excellent trademark agencies organized by China Trademark Association is to establish a good model, play an exemplary role, create a high-quality trademark agency team, and promote the healthy development of trademark agency industry. Therefore, only trademark agencies registered in the industrial and commercial administrative departments with recordation in the Trademark Office for self-financing, bearing civil liability independently and having no bad record are eligible for the election.

  That Dorunto Co., Ltd was elected the vice president unit of China Trademark Association and named “excellent trademark agency in 2015”, represented the community’s recognition of its brand service and professional strength as well as the encouragement and spur of its credible service over the years. From good to great, there is still a long way to go. We expect Dorunto Co., Ltd not to be afraid of challenges and to realize transcendence!


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