Chairman Zhang Chaodong Was Invited to Give a Lecture on Legal Knowledge Relating to “Trademark Agen

  Chairman Zhang Chaodong Was Invited to Give a Lecture on Legal Knowledge Relating to “Trademark Agent Business Training in 2015"

  The rapid development of China's economy has led to the rapid rise of the intellectual property service industry. Trademarks, patents are increasingly valued by the state and enterprises. The growing demand for intellectual property services improves the service requirement and specification standard of the intellectual property agencies and its employees.

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  In order to improve the trademark agency service quality and service level, enhance the occupation quality and professional level of trademark agency personnel, and promote the healthy development of the trademark agency industry, the China Trademark Association held the “Trademark Agent Business Training in 2015" on April 16 and 17 in 2015, and held the first large-scale national examination on trademark agent business on April 18.

  Dorunto Intellectual Property Service Co., Ltd. has won recognition and encouragement from peer professionals by years of excellent and successful service for customers in all walks of life. It has been entrusted by the China Trademark Association to undertake the examination work of the Beijing test center. At the same time, the Chairman of Dorunto, Zhang Chaodong was invited to give a lecture on legal knowledge relating to “Trademark Agent Business Training in 2015".

  Cheng Yiqun, the director of the Trademark Office, explained first the basic theory and the basic concept of the "Trademark Law", and Zhang Yuemei, the director of the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board, shared the main points in practices of trademark review. The director Zhang specially referred to that 99% of the trademarks were managed by the trademark agencies for the principles in the present process of trademark management, so the professional level of the trademark agencies directly determined the quality of the trademark. This showed trademark agencies played an important role in the development of the industry. Subsequently, Dong Yansheng, from the Cooperation Center for Trademark Examination, explained required documents and document requirements in trademark applications. Li Yanrong, a judge from the Beijing Intellectual Property Court, explained the trademark litigation procedure in detail.


  Zhang Chaodong, the chairman of Dorunto Intellectual Property Service. Co, Ltd. explained in detail the basic concepts, basic rules and basic principles in General Principles of the Civil Law, Contract Law, Administrative Review Law and Copyright Law in training, and put forward innovative ideas on intellectual property service in the new situation. “Should some of the basic concepts in the Copyright Law be changed under the Internet trend? There is great conflict between the openness and freedom of internet and the exclusivity and closure of copyright. Currently, there are a lot of works in whose creation process the public have participated. Do the works produced in this way have copyright? Do the works created by the public should be disclosed and become public resource? All these situations are what the current Copyright Law need to adapt to and make corresponding reaction to.

  During the training, 900 seats of the two-floored Beijing Dizhi Hall and 1400 seats of the Hongta Auditorium are occupied due to unprecedentedly strong demand.


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