Dorunto Takes Part in the 134th Annual Meeting of INTA (International Trademark Association) in USA

  On May 5-9, 2012, the 134th annual meeting of INTA was held in Washington DC with more than 9000 professionals attending, which is among the largest in previous meetings. The world's largest trademark world annual meeting involved the discussion of the global trademark business strategy, education and professional development program, the meeting of the committee, the exhibition, the business communication of enterprises and agency organizations, and the dinner party. As a member of INTA and a new force of China intellectual property service industry, Dorunto, as a member of China Trademark Association delegation this time, totaling 27 persons, participated in this meeting in USA; besides, representatives from all over the Industrial and Commercial Bureau, courts, enterprises, and agency organizations also attended.

 the 134th Annual Meeting of INTA .png

  In this grand meeting, the China Trademark Association delegation with numerous intellectual property professionals and intellectual property directors of multinational enterprises exchanged their views on topics such as the enterprise trademark and brand protection strategy, the multinational enterprise trademark affairs coordination, and all kinds of trademark matters dispute settlement, etc. At the same time, the China Trademark Association delegation and Canada Trademark Association conducted a thematic meeting in Canada, and the representatives introduced the Chinese intellectual property situation and the development situation of Chinese service agencies to the renowned enterprise representatives of countries. It was reported that the China Trademark Association delegation also participated in the Chinese conference Party, the U.S. government exchange party and other activities. In those activities, the delegation communicated with professionals from other countries face to face and exchanged gifts and information. The blue and white porcelain promotion flash drive with Chinese style brought by Dorunto was highly praised by friends from other countries. What’s more, the meeting was productive with the closer business connection being established and the mail address of friends from other countries being got.

the 134th Annual Meeting of INTA

  The meeting is the main place where foreign-related business of traditional agencies develops, and is the gathering place for international trademark agents. The participation in this international meeting has a great effect on understanding the international situation in the industry, learning a variety of overseas business marketing mode, and further developing international business. At present, the international cooperation has already transformed from outside or single mode to exchange business; the success of the development of international business depends on the success of the development of domestic business; foreign counterparts are interested in China trademark market development, are surprised at the development pace of Dorunto, and express high desire for cooperation. In conclusion, the joining of the INTA is the reflection of a few years of accumulation achievements and results of Dorunto, a greater opportunity for international cooperation, and a new starting point for Dorunto. The company will often participate in such activities and cooperation next year and beyond; besides, based on making the domestic business stable and strong, the company will develop international business and achieve success both in domestic and international performance.


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